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Magnificent Moringa

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From the beautiful women of South America we heard whispers of rose hip oil‎, tales of argan oil from Morocco and the chatter of moringa in Ghana. We don't believe there's a miraculous, youth elixir hiding out there, but uniting the world's most renowned beauty oils certainly creates magic. Discover an exotically-charged pot of loveliness which softens and primes the face at the same time.

After moisturising warm a little between your fingers (or apply straight to your face), the rich texture will transform to a silky oil which sinks in, leaving your skin feeling velvety soft. In fact, your skin will feel so beautiful, you'll want to keep stroking it! Magical Moringa also holds your foundation in place, making it longer lasting. Its beautiful mattifying effect on skin is perfect for guys or gals. When you're on the case for amazing face, make this the prime suspect.

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